EWBSL is the Sri Lankan representative of the EWB International and was registered on 13th of March 2012 as a Voluntary Social Services Organization in Sri Lanka under the registered number, GA 2674 and has established as a limited liability company under the companies Act No. 7 of 2007.

Organizational Hierarchy

Our Vision

  • To provide sustainable engineering solutions and the expertise knowledge in aid of disadvantaged communities to uplift their living standards, to enlightened the society.

Our Mission

  • EWBSL works with disadvantaged communities in the country to uplift their living standards, through education and implementation of sustainable engineering projects, by proactively helping people in need. We become more socially aware and responsible, developing ourselves and inspiring others in similar endeavors. In addition, EWBSL extends its cooperation to other similar humanitarian organizations in Sri Lanka, and works in partnership with global partners in sharing resources and knowledge.


1. Prevention and alleviation of poverty and illness through sustainable engineering solutions.
2. Guiding disadvantaged communities to access resources for the advancement of financial and environmental sustainability.
3. Advancement of education related to engineering skills.

  • Future Prospective

    EWBSL truly aims devotional services dedicated to the communities via Engineering skills and Technology which is applicable to the society and through that means, the communities are brought forward and their quality of life is been enhanced. EWBSL desires to continue the same in the future, and contributes more to the society in an advanced, effective and an efficient manner.