The Construction of Karawwa Bridge, Sri Lanka

EWBSL joined in hands with EWB KIT, Germany to construct the new Suspension Bridge in Karawwa, Ratnapura. This is the second major project, with the KIT team having had the First Bridge that was built and finished in Pitigoda, helping thousands of people in the village for their daily transportation needs.

The planned Bridge is established across a branch of the Bentara River and constructed at Karawwa village in Niyagama divisional secretariat.

This bridge joins more than 8 villages helping children, farmers, and the villages for their daily basic transportation needs, and in long run, this will improve the living circumstances of the villagers.

This project was preceded in combination with the villagers and the aim of combining them to this project is to provide knowledge for the people, so that they can repair the bridge independently after the construction. The other goal is to motivate them and to make them proud about the construction as if their own.

The Bridge is constructed over a height of 2 meters over the ground with a deck width of 1.3 meters. The height of the pylons is 6 meters and the length of ramps is 12 meters with the bridge span of 30 meters.

Mr. Sven Nagal acted as the Project Manager and the guidance is fed by Prof, R. Dissanayake, who is the President of EWBSL. This project combined and collaborated EWBSL and EWB Germany, and was a good bonding moment for the representatives of the two countries. The project benefits hundreds of people and advances the way of life for those villagers around the area. The project also helped EWB members to join hands and serve the community and certainly provided motivation to other EWB members around the world to show their capacity, capability, strength and their vision towards the world.