The Construction of Pitigoda Bridge, Sri Lanka

EWBSL, in collaboration with EWB KIT team, Germany, constructed a suspension bridge across Ma Oya in Pitigoda, Sri Lanka, which is a remote village about 12 km from Hunnasgiriya. The village is usually subjected to flooding during heavy rains and during flooding; the water level rises up to about 3-4 m. During these times, the villages are unable to travel and most of the farmers cannot deliver their products to the city. And due to the high speed of water, people are at risk of crossing the waters, especially children and the disabled. The project was completed by EWB KIT team of Karlsruhe University, Germany and all members volunteered their service and all the funds that were raised were donated to this particular project. This project was helped, designed, financed and supervised by the students and is encouraged and supported by the University Academic Staff. The project was also helped and guided with senior lecturers at the Civil Engineering Department, in the University of Peradeniya and of cause with the final year students. The bridge was officially opened for the public and the maintenance is continued by the EWB members. This project helped EWB members to join hands and serve the community and certainly this project will motivate other EWB members around the world about their capacity, capability, strength and their vision towards the world.