EWBSL (Engineers Without borders, Sri Lanka) is a non profitable social services organization which established in 2011, with diversified potential engineers in the country. The aim of EWBSL is to uplift the living standards of the disadvantaged community in the world, with advanced sustainable engineering solutions applicable to social and community development projects.

EWBSL represents the Sri Lankan identity in EWB International, which is the main hub, joining all EWB branches operating word wide, with over 50 countries, functioning with developed and developing nations.
EWBSL focuses on filling up gaps of unaided communities and treat the community with the best engineering solutions possible, for a better tomorrow.

  • President’s Message

    "Welcome to EWBSL website. We represent the Sri Lankan membership of EWB worldwide network. We are embarking on an exciting venture establishing EWBSL, here in Sri Lanka and we are excited to work towards people’s passion and skills to alleviate global poverty by empowering communities to make great strides towards sustainability, economic independence and better way of life." [...]


The new website of EWBSL may provide the users with the new look and contains few structural changes which had to be reflected on the site.


EWBSL is pleased to inform you that there will be a special session on Engineers Without Borders (EWB) at the 5th International Conference on Sustainable Built Environment 2014 (ICSBE)  on 12th 15th December 2014