How to become a member?

EWB Sri Lanka is a non-profit social services organization which aids in human needs via sustainable engineering solutions. We assist education needs, implement projects, to uplift living standards of communities and fulfill the gaps of engineering required consultancy.

Membership Qualifications

EWB Sri Lanka welcome all engineers who possess a Bachelors’ Degree in Engineering, to be a part of our EWB – Sri Lanka members’ team to lead the community to fight the poverty.

Membership Privileges

The accepted members will have the privilege to access and be a part of a professional movement with worldwide recognition and participate in a worldwide network. It opens the way to an international exposure in a multidisciplinary organization. The members will have the freedom to access EWB  International and receive information about workshops, conferences and other events organized by EWB Sri Lanka and EWB  International. EWB Sri Lanka members will also have the opportunity to volunteer EWB Sri Lanka projects and other community projects. Members have the benefits of sharing knowledge and connect in groups to serve the community to uplift their living standards through sustainable community services projects.

Membership Applications

  • The membership application can be downloaded through the following link, and the duly completed application with certified photocopies of degree certificate may be sent via registered post to the below mentioned address.

    EWB - Sri Lanka Secretariat,

    Structures Laboratory,

    Department of Civil Engineering,

    University of Peradeniya,

    Peradeniya, 20400,

    Sri Lanka.

    Download the application here...

membership fee

The membership fee is applicable as below:


Type of Membership



Annual Membership

Rs. 2 000. 00

Rs.  5 000.00

Life time Membership

Not Available

Rs. 10 000.00

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